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 Take time to prepare before a Teams meeting or webinar with a green room. Test audio and video settings, practice sharing content, and communicate with other organizers and presenters before attendees join. 

Your browser does not support video. Install Microsoft Silverlight, Adobe Flash Player, or Internet Explorer 9.

To start a green room: 

  1. Go to your Teams calendar and open a meeting or webinar. 

    Note: If enabling green room for a webinar, set the lobby policy to Everyone for a public webinar or People in my organization for a private webinar.

  2. Select Options Settings button> More options.

  3. In Roles  People or Show Participants button, change Who can present? to Specific people or Only me and co-organizers

    Note: You must specify presenters to enable green room.

  4. In the Choose presenters field, enter the presenters' names. Presenters must already be invited as a participant to appear in the drop-down list.

  5. Select Security  Privacy settings button.

  6. Turn on the Enable Green room toggle.

  7. Select Save.

Organizers can turn green room on or off while a meeting is active by selecting More actions Microsoft Teams more options icon> Settings Settings button> Meeting options Meeting options icon in the meeting controls, but the change won’t be reflected unless the meeting ends and restarts.

Note: Green room is currently supported in Teams for desktop and web (Edge and Chrome browsers only) and mobile Teams meetings on iOS and Android devices. The meeting organizer may call into the meeting but others who dial in, dial out, or use the Call me functionality may not be greeted with the proper voice prompt.

Before the meeting 

Presenters and organizers 

From the green room, organizers can change meeting options and admit participants from the lobby into the meeting.  

Both organizers and presenters can: 

  • Chat. The chat available to the organizers and presenters in the green room is the global chat available to all in the meeting.

  • Manage what attendees see.

  • Turn on captions.

  • Add apps to the meeting, such as Q&A. When an organizer adds an app to the meeting, attendees will be able to access the app while they wait.

  • Access meeting notes.

  • See/remove participants.

  • See other presenter/organizer’s audio, video, and shared content.

  • React/see reactions.

  • Start the meeting. Only presenters and organizers who join using Teams for desktop or web (Edge and Chrome browsers) can start the meeting. 

Organizers and presenters can’t change the meeting layout or turn on transcripts, recording, or Speaker Coach from the green room. They’ll be able to do so when the meeting starts. 

There are some limitations when organizers and presenters join the green room:  

  • CVI presenters who join will wait with attendees for the meeting to start and cannot interact with users in the green room. In this state, any audio shared by the CVI presenter will be audible to other attendees.

  • If a user in the green room is made an attendee, they will be unable to speak or share their video.

  • If an attendee waiting for a meeting to start is made a presenter, then other attendees who are waiting for the meeting to start will be able to hear them. We recommend removing a user if you would like to promote or demote them.

  • Compliance recording will not be available to those who join the green room or attendees who are waiting for the meeting to start; however, compliance recording will start for all specified participants once the meeting has also started. 

Note: Green room capacity is limited to 100 presenters at a time. 


If attendees join the meeting while the green room is active, they’ll be greeted by a waiting screen and can chat or use enabled apps until the meeting starts.

If the meeting organizer has enabled chat during the meeting, attendees will be able to chat while they wait for the meeting to start. Attendees won’t be able to turn on their audio or video. They also won’t hear or see presenters and organizers in the green room. 

While attendees won't be able to access the participant panel while they wait, they may view who is in the meeting or who was invited to the meeting via the participant roster. 

Note: As a meeting organizer, you may receive a Start Meeting notification if a participant enters a meeting. This does not mean that the meeting has officially started. When green room is enabled for a meeting, only the presenter or organizer can formally start the meeting. 

During the meeting 

Meeting recording and transcription will resume if they were paused due to the green room. If captions were enabled in the green room, they’ll continue to work as expected in the meeting.  

Note: If automatic recording is enabled, captions won’t work until the meeting starts. To make sure captions are available in the green room, don’t enable the Record automatically meeting option. 

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