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Keep HR data confidential and secure

HR data contains sensitive and valuable information that, if compromised, could lead to legal and business problems. Yet people need access to this data to do their jobs. You need an easy way to keep data secure and make it easily accessible to the right people.

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Enforce compliance and security policies that protect sensitive information with Compliance Manager in Microsoft 365. You can also give employees permissions, so they can still get their job done, while protecting data. For example, you can control what information is shown, like first and last name, and what is protected, like social security numbers. 

Make your company’s security policies known by sharing detailed information about how Microsoft 365 implements security, privacy, and compliance controls. Share reports with your employees, so they can see that their data is secured. Plus, Microsoft 365 security works across all devices, including mobile. Use mobile device management to set up security policies and access rules, so if a device is ever lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe the memory to protect information.


  • Follow company security policies aligned with global compliance laws.

  • Gain employee confidence with transparent security policies.

  • Manage your company’s security policies across devices.

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