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Classic Yammer live event FAQ

Note: This topic describes a feature in classic Yammer. For information on using this feature in new Yammer, see New Yammer live event FAQ.

Read answers to commonly asked questions about hosting a live event in Yammer.

Important: When setting up a live event, we recommend that you configure your video, community, and user permissions at least 24 hours before the event for the best experience. This includes such settings as adding users, updating video permissions, and changing a community from private to public. It can take up to two hours for certain changes to propagate across Microsoft Stream, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Yammer. Allowing 24 hours or more can provide time for testing and making adjustments if needed.

FAQ: Getting started

Q: Who can create live events in Yammer?

  • You must be a group admin in the Yammer group in which you create the live event.

  • You can't be a guest user on the Yammer network.

  • You must have a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Yammer.

    • For live events produced using an external app or device, you need a Microsoft Stream license.

    • For live events produced in Microsoft Teams, you need a license for Microsoft Teams and Stream.

      Note: Microsoft Teams must be enabled for the producer and any presenters. To check if it is, select the Microsoft 365 app launcher and see if there is a Teams icon.

Questions about how your organization is set up? Contact your local IT admin. For more information, see Get help producing a Yammer live event.

Q: How will event producers and presenters join the event?

When a live event is scheduled, the event organizer, any co-producers, and all presenters will receive a calendar invite for the event. This will include a link to join the event. Event producers and organizers can join by clicking on this link or by going to the event page directly.

Note: Attendees will not see this calendar invite. For more information on how to promote your live event, see the best practices in the Live Events Technical Community.

Q: Which groups can have live events?

A: You can host a live event in any public or private Microsoft 365 connected group. To determine if your group is a Microsoft 365 connected group, see Is my group in Yammer connected to Microsoft 365?.

  • If you are creating an event that is open to all employees, use a public group so that any group members or non-members can view and participate. Note that the All Company group is not a Microsoft 365 connected group, so can't be used for live events.

  • To restrict who can join and participate in the event, use a private group, and then only members in the Yammer group can participate.

Q: I don't see the live event option in my Yammer group. Is it available for my network?

It should be, but you'll need to ensure that the group meets the requirements:

  • The Yammer group must be a Microsoft 365 connected group. To see if it is, go to Is my Yammer group connected to Microsoft 365?.

  • To create a live event, you must be a group admin in the Yammer group in which you want to create the live event.

  • You can't be a guest user on the Yammer network.

  • You must have a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes Yammer and Microsoft Teams.

  • For events produced using an external app or device, you also need Stream.

  • Microsoft Teams must be enabled for producers and any presenters. To check if it is, select the Microsoft 365 app launcher and see if there is a Teams icon.

Q: How should I staff my event?

It depends on which production method you're using.

Q: Should I create a test live event before I do my first real one?

We do recommend doing a test live event to make sure you're comfortable with what needs to happen and the responsibilities of each team member. This is especially true for a live event that will be broadcast to thousands of people. You only need a few people to do your test, as long as you have someone in each key role: organizer, presenter, attendee, and for events produced using an external app or device, AV staff to run the mixer and to provide the encoder information. Consider creating a Yammer group for everyone involved in the test.

Q: Is a Yammer Live event the same as Skype Broadcast? Why use Yammer for meetings or town halls rather than Skype for Business?

No, live events in Yammer leverage an external coder and allow for the rich social engagements of Yammer before, during, and after the event and is intended for internal audiences in a destination (Yammer) where employees already go to engage.

FAQ: Creating a live event

Q: Can the landing page for the event be customized?

You can edit the title, description, date and time for the event landing page. It will include the recording once the event has occurred.

Q: Is there an option to share a PowerPoint presentation during a live event?

Yes, you can share your screen which could include PowerPoint.

Q: What are good ways to promote an event?

A: Use the links to the event found on the event page in Yammer to invite attendees to join your event.

  • For public groups, post an announcement in the group with a link to the event page. For wider reach, you can also post an announcement in the All Company group.

  • For private groups, post an announcement in the group with a link to the event page.

  • Send an email with the link.

  • Send a meeting invite in Outlook or Microsoft Teams containing the link.

Q: What suggestions do you have for engaging employees who may not be able to attend the event live?

View the Live Event playbook for suggestions and best practices.

Q: Can our event team moderate the conversations, or will all attendees see all the questions?

All questions and conversations will be visible within the Yammer group.

Q: Do I have to create a transcript or does the tool transcribe the video? How does closed captioning work after the event? How does the translation of the captions work?

Stream automatically provides transcription after the event, and you can edit the transcript if needed. For more information about the transcript, see Add subtitles or captions to your Microsoft Stream video.

Q: Can I create a live event in Yammer from my mobile device?

This isn't available yet. Being able to broadcast live video from your mobile device is coming soon.

Q: What are some examples of external encoders in a larger production live event? What is encoder for and what triggers the need for an encoder (size of audience?)

Here's a list of encoders that work well with Yammer and Stream. Encoders simply restructure video content into a digital format for live streaming consumption. Use an encoder when you want high quality production, more than one camera, or want to switch between screens and content types.

Q: How can I cancel a scheduled live event?

  1. Go to the event:

    • In Yammer, go to the group page.

    • In the Group Events section, select the event, and then select Cancel Event.

Tip: If the event announcement has been live for a while, post a message in the group saying that the event was cancelled. If you sent out a calendar invite, send out a cancellation.

FAQ: Attending a live event

Q: Can I view live events in Yammer from my mobile device?

Yes, you can view the event and participate in the discussion from the Yammer mobile app.

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