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Microsoft Viva elements are available in varying levels for the different Microsoft 365 and Office 365 plans. Refer to Plans and environments for details.

As a Microsoft Viva licensed user, you'll automatically receive a twice-monthly digest email with suggestions to better understand your work patterns and improve your wellbeing and productivity.

Digest emails include insights about some of the following work patterns:

  • Focus – Find ways to increase your focus hours, so you can accomplish deep work and unleash your creativity.

  • Wellbeing – See if you're getting good balance between work and personal time, then find ways to disconnect and unwind after hours.

  • Network – See who's in your network and make sure you're keeping up with important contacts and relationships.

  • Collaboration – Get tips on how to plan your calendar, spend less time in low-quality meetings, and write more effective emails.

  • Team insights – If you're a team lead or manager with a Microsoft Viva Insights license, you'll also see insights about your team and suggestions on how to help improve or maintain your team's wellbeing and effectiveness.

Note: Only you can see your data. Refer to the Privacy guide for Personal Insights for details.

The following image shows an example of what you might see in a digest email:

Screenshot that shows an example digest email

Opt out

Select Unsubscribe near the end of the email. You can also opt out through your Viva Insights app in Teams on the web. Go to Settings > Privacy, toggle the switch for Viva Digest Email from On to Off, then select Save changes.

Why am I still receiving the digest?

If you have multiple Microsoft 365 emails, you might be getting the digest for a different email address than the one you unsubscribed with. Confirm that the email address at the bottom of your digest email is the same as the one on the Unsubscribe page.

Opt in

After you opt out from digest emails, you can opt back in at any time. In your Viva Insights app in Teams or on the web, go to Settings > Privacy, toggle the switch for Viva Digest Email from On to Off, then select Save changes.

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