Workload data in organization Insights

The Workload data view provides detailed view of student productivity, capacity, and balance between their Teams learning activities and life outside the online classroom. By understanding student workload, you can help to make adjustments when necessary. This experience in Teams is currently being tested by educators and will be available worldwide this summer.

Organization levels 

Just like in your overview dashboard, you can adjust your Workload data view to include different levels in your education organization:

  • Organization: All schools or institutions in your education organization

  • School: Data from a specific school

  • Grade: Data from one grade level

  • Class: Data from a specific class

Workload data dashboard on Insights

Choose time frame and activity

Time: Choose a custom time frame within the last 28 days. Your graphs will show two different time views: data per hour, and data per day, respectively.

Activity: You can leave the graphs to reflect all activities by default or drill down and select a specific activity:

  • Meetings: Attendance and time spent in meetings

  • Communications: Adding posts, replies, and reactions in channels

  • Files: Opening files in channels

  • Assignments: Opening and submitting assignments

  • OneNote: Opening and submitting content through OneNote

  • Reflect: Posting responses in Reflect

all activities feature

Reading your Workload dashboard:

Average active students by hour graph:

  • Yellow bars on your graph represent data collected during quiet hours—8 PM to 7 AM, when students were active in a class team, outside of learning hours.

  • Blue bars reflect data collected during learning hours.

  • The Y-axis represents the percentage of active students according to the chosen filter, divided by hours. ​

Active students each day graph:

  • Like in the bar graph for hourly activity, the Active students each day graph shows percentages of student activity, but here, you're looking at student activity per day during the selected time frame.

Insights Workload graph

Insights line graph detailing daily student activity in Teams


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