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Use the Your classes view in the Insights app for actionable data views across all classes you teach. Data on assignments, activity levels per day, missed meetings, and more can let you know which classes you might want to focus on. 

Add the app 

  1. From the app bar in Teams, select More added apps. 

  2. Search for Insights in the search bar, then select it. 

  3. Select Save

  4. Pin Insights to your app bar: right-click on the app icon, then select Pin

Select More added apps in the Teams app bar

Pin Insights to app bar

Read your data across classes 

  1. To access Your classes view, select the Insights app from your Teams app bar.

  2. All classes you're an owner of will show data on inactive students, active students per day, average time spent per day, meeting absences, and missed assignments. 

    Each of your classes are sorted alphabetically. To sort by one of the data categories instead, select  Down chevron button  next to a category label. 

  3. Next to the class name, you can view:

    The number of students currently registered for the class.

    The number of new spotlights on recent class activity. Select a class name to see spotlight details.

  4. Select the class name for a more in-depth look in the class overview page.

Your classes view in Insights

Inactive students

This number and graph tells you how many students had zero digital activity for this class. 

  • Hover over the pie to see who was inactive and for how many days during the timeframe.

  • Select the pie to open the digital activity report and see more details.

Pie chart reflecting number of inactive students in a class

Active students per day

Activity for this category means students who attended meetings, added posts, replies, or reactions in the team, opened or edited files, and turned in assignments. 

  • Hover over the graph to see how many students were active each day.

  • Select the graph to open the digital activity report.

Active students per day graph

Average time spent per day 

This bar tells you the average time this class spent on digital activity per day (including weekends) within the selected time frame. 

  • Hover over the number to see how the students spent their time (whether on assignments, files, meetings, and communicating with others in the class).

  • Select the bar to open the digital activity report.

Average time spent per day graph

Meeting absence

A student is considered to have missed a meeting if they didn’t attend at all, or only for a short time (either less than 50% of the meeting or less than 30 minutes, whichever comes first).

  • Hover over the pie graph to see a list of students and how many meetings they missed during the time frame.

  • Select the pie graph to open the digital activity report.

Meeting absence pie graph

Missed assignments

This pie graph shows how many students didn't turn in at least one assignment that was due during the selected time frame. 

  • Hover over the pie graph to see a list of the students who missed assignments (and how many assignments).

  • Select the pie graph to open theassignment report.

Missed assignments pie graph

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