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Connect employees to share expertise and resources

Keeping employees connected and engaged has become increasingly challenging as more of the workforce is remote or spread across the globe. You need an easy way to connect employees and easily train new ones.

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Create a culture of sharing and learning with Yammer, allowing people to exchange interests, expertise, and ideas. Yammer is an enterprise social network that connects people across your organization. It also helps bridge organizational silos by building open spaces where people can crowdsource knowledge, share best practices, and discuss their interests. Employees can also brainstorm and ideate, collect feedback, or work together toward common goals.

With Microsoft Teams, you can create an employee resource channel to onboard new employees. They can ask questions, find resources, and get support. Hold live events in Teams with audio or video calling to train new employees from wherever they are. Answer questions during the event and use chat to invite and answer follow-up questions.

Create a Files tab and save resources and training materials so everyone has access. New employees can be added to the channel and instantly have access to everything they need, including ongoing support.


  • Share ideas, resources, and expertise across the company.

  • Connect everyone in your company in one place.

  • Share resources and training materials for anyone to access.

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