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Onboard new employees more effectively

Employee training can be expensive and time consuming when you’re hiring employees in multiple locations, but it’s critical for to retention and engagement. You need an easy way to make training engaging, and resources and documents accessible to everyone.

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Train new employees more efficiently with Microsoft Teams. Schedule a live event to host an interactive training session and answer questions in real time. Upload all relevant training materials to the Files tab so they’re always available. Add Microsoft Stream to a tab to provide new employees access to other videos and training. 

To ensure new employees have access to the resources they need after they’re onboarded, you can store training resources like HR forms, reference sheets, tests, or quizzes in SharePoint. SharePoint acts like a repository that anyone with permissions can access at any time. 

When training is over, you can connect new hires with company mentors to keep them moving forward by creating a Yammer group. Yammer is an enterprise social network where businesses share information across teams and organize around projects. You can foster direct, free-form conversations between seasoned employees and specific department new hires by inviting them to a new group and starting a conversation.


  • Train new hires using live, interactive training.

  • Make training resources, documents, and videos easily accessible.

  • Keep new hires engaged by connecting them with other employees.

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