Drive engagement in a new Yammer live event

Note: This topic describes features in new Yammer. For more information about using this feature in classic Yammer, see Drive engagement in a classic Yammer live event.

Use these best practices to drive engagement in a Yammer live event:

  • In your invitation, remind people that they can participate from their device.

  • Pick a time that works in as many time zones as participants are in as possible.

  • Invite people using the tools they use most: Yammer, Microsoft Teams, Outlook, or SharePoint in Microsoft 365. And don't hesitate to send out a reminder the day before and again right before the event - it works!

  • Build momentum by having participants ask questions in the week before the event.

  • Motivate contributors by using question and answer to mark the best answers to questions asked during the event.

Use question and answer in a live event - for participants

  1. Participants can choose to ask a question or make a comment.

    Screenshot showing choosing Yammer conversation type

    Anyone in the Yammer community can answer a question by replying to it.

  2. Tip: In your reply, consider adding a link to where the question was answered: perhaps a place in the video or a Yammer or Microsoft Teams conversation.

  3. Community admins or the person asking the question can mark the best answer. The best answer then shows at the top of the list, making it easy for participants to scan for best answers. Participants can hover over the best answer to see who provided the answer.

    Screenshot showing marking the best answer in Yammer

    If you ask the question, you'll see Check mark icon under the replies that can be used to mark a best answer.

    Screenshot showing best answers in Yammer

  4. When you're using the web version of Yammer, you can select whether to see all questions, or only questions that don't have a best answer marked.

    At the top of the conversation feed click All Conversations, and select either All Questions or Unanswered Questions.

    Screenshot showing filtering Yammer conversations

Monitoring questions during a live event - for organizers

The organizer and any community admins can help manage questions during an event.

  • To look for questions that don't have a Best Answer marked, use the conversations filter and select Unanswered Questions.

    Screenshot showing filtering Yammer conversations
  • To mark a comment as the best answer, in the options below the answer, select the Check Mark icon.

    Options displayed for questions showing Mark Best Answer

    Tip: You can override a best answer.
    - If a better answer is posted, under the new best answer, select Best Answer.
    - If you think the current best answer is wrong and the question is still unanswered, under the message with the incorrect or wrong answer, select the X icon.

  • To ask someone specific to answer the question, reply and @mention them.

  • In the best answers, consider adding a link to a place in the video or a link to a Yammer or Microsoft Teams conversation where the question was answered.

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