Navigating your Insights dashboard

What you see in your Insights dashboard will be based on your role in your school organization, and the permissions your IT Admin has set up for you. 

Important: This experience in Teams is currently being tested by educators and will be available worldwide this summer as Education Insights Premium. 


  • Your overview dashboard shows Digital engagement and Workload data in one view.

  • All dashboard data falls under a specific time period--by default, the last 7 days. Select the time frame dropdown to select a different period, as far back as the last 28 days.

  • Hover over the info tips  Info tip to get more context on your data.

Insights Overview dashboard

Time frame dropdown for Insights dashboard

Data shown, according to time frame:


Data measured in percentages


  • Inactive students: Students who made no activity in Teams.

  • Missed assignments: Students who didn't turn in assignments due

  • Missed meetings: Students who didn't attend meetings


Active during quiet hours:
​​​​​​Students who made activity in Teams between 8 PM and 7 AM, outside of usual learning hours.

Tip: Hover over a percent to see more details about the data point's change from the last time period. For example, if you hover over a Missed meetings data point and see 17% next to +2%, that means that 17% of students missed meetings, and that's 2% more students compared to the previous time frame. 

Hover over Insights data for more details

Hierarchies in your dashboard:

Note: The organization structure you see in Insights will depend on SDS data provided and permissions set by your IT admin. 

Organization-level data:

  • Organization level is your default dashboard view across all schools you have access to.

  • From here, you can drill down further to the individual school level. Select a school name to see its data up close (you can also pick a specific school using the school dropdown menu, which is set to All schools by default).

School column in Insights dashboard

School-level data: 

  • At the school level, you can see grade levels for the individual school you've selected from your main dashboard.

  • Select a grade level to see data across classes within that grade. 

  • Select Drill up to return to your organization-wide view. 

School view in dashboard with grade levels

Grade-level data:

  • The grade level of your dashboard shows data from the grade you selected from an individual school, across classes in that grade.

  • Select a specific class for its drilled-down student data.

  • Select Drill up to return to the school-level view.

First grade-level data column data for math, reading, and writing classes

Class-level data:

  • At the class level of your dashboard, you'll see student data within an individual class.

  • Select Drill up to return to the grade-level view.

Insights dashboard drilled down to class level

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Digital engagement data 

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