Create more engaging meetings with a new presenter mode

Meeting attendees tend to be more focused and have a better experience when they see the presenter along with their presentation. A more interactive presenter also helps guide their audience along with visual cues while reducing information overload.

Standout presenter mode
Standout presenter mode

In addition to sharing content only through a screen or window in a Teams meeting, you also become an integral part of your presentation by using the interactive Standout presenter mode—streaming your video within your actual presentation and directly engaging your audience.

Use Standout presenter mode

  1. After your meeting starts, at the upper-right corner of Teams, select Share content  Small share tray icon to open meeting presenter modes and other options.

    Presenter mode share tray
    Meeting presenter modes and options

  2. Under Presenter mode, choose Standout  Standout presenter mode icon . (Be sure to turn on your camera.)

  3. To start your presentation, choose a screen or window on your PC or device.

    Note: Using an interactive presenter mode such as Standout with Microsoft Whiteboard or PowerPoint Live isn't yet available—but is coming soon! 

  4. When your presentation begins, the presenter toolbar briefly appears at the top of your screen. In the toolbar, you can change presenter modes on the fly, give control to another presenter, or include computer sound.

    To make the toolbar appear again, place your pointer at the top edge of the screen where it first appeared.

    Meetings presenter bar
    Presenter toolbar

    Tip: To keep the toolbar on your screen, make it appear again, hover over it, and then select Pin toolbar  Pin icon at the upper-right corner. To unpin, select it again.

  5. To stop sharing a screen or window, select Stop presenting in the presenter toolbar, or select Stop sharing in meeting controls at the lower-right of your screen. 

    Meeting controls
    Meeting controls

More things to know

  • Interactive presenter modes are only available for the desktop version of Teams at this time.

  • Meeting attendees using the mobile or online versions of Teams will see a shared window or screen and presenter video separately.

  • When you use an interactive presenter mode, a small, moveable picture-in-picture window pops up to show you what your audience sees. If you close this window and need it again, restart the presenter mode.

  • Upcoming presenter modes include Reporter, which places presentation content above the presenter’s shoulder, and Side-by-side, which displays the presenter’s video right beside the content that they’re presenting. Stay tuned!

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