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Meeting recap in Microsoft Teams

Quickly revisit highlights of your Microsoft Teams meeting recording with the meeting recap. In the meeting recap, the most important parts of a meeting are captured and organized in one place. View your meeting recording, shared content, and more without switching screens or apps.   

View of the Recap tab in Teams

Recap is available after your scheduled meetings that are recorded and transcribed. If you can’t record or transcribe your meeting, contact your IT admin. 

In Recap, you can review the meeting recording, the meeting transcript, shared content, meeting notes, the meeting agenda, and follow-up tasks.

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View meeting recap

Intelligent meeting recap (Teams Premium)

Timeline markers (Teams Premium)

AI notes (Teams Premium)

Speaker Markers (Teams Premium)

Recaps and transcripts


View meeting recap

To view the meeting recap, select the Recap tab in the meeting chat or Teams calendar event after the meeting ends. You can also open the meeting chat and select the recording or transcript thumbnail.  View of meeting recap in Teams

To view the recap in other meetings within a series, open the series invite in your Teams calendar and select the date and time of the meeting you want to review from the dropdown menu.  View of meeting recap in Teams

Note: Meeting recap doesn’t currently support channel meetings, instant meetings, or Teams calls. 

Intelligent meeting recap


  • Intelligent recap is available as part of Teams Premium, an add-on license that provides additional features to make Teams meetings more personalized, intelligent, and secure. To get access to Teams Premium, contact your IT admin.

  • Intelligent recap is also available as part of the Copilot for Microsoft 365 license.

Get a more personalized rundown of your meetings with intelligent meeting recap, available in Teams Premium. Save time reviewing with AI-powered features that take you right to the moments you’re looking for. 

Supported languages

Languages supported in intelligent recap are French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish. If your meeting's spoken and transcribed languages are supported, all AI features will be available in Teams Premium.

Important: AI-generated content is based on the meeting transcript and is powered by GPT and other AI models. The AI-generated content may occasionally be inaccurate, incomplete, or inappropriate. Microsoft constantly works to improve the technology in reducing these cases. 

Timeline markers 

Timeline markers are shown as various icons along a meeting recording’s timeline that mark the parts of a meeting that are directly relevant to you. You can view timeline markers by hovering over a meeting recording. Select one to go right to that part of the recording. 

View of meeting recap in Teams

Timeline markers include: 

Name mention markers
Go to specific moments when your name was spoken during a meeting with name mention timeline markers. When you play a meeting recording, you can see if your name was mentioned by hovering over the timeline. 

If your name was mentioned, you’ll see the @ icon. Select the @ icon to jump right to that part of the recording. You can also view a transcription of what was said and who said it by opening the transcript pane. Name mention markers are personalized, so only you can see when your name was mentioned.  View of meeting recap in Teams


  • To use name mention markers, your meeting must be recorded and transcribed.

  • Name mentions only work if someone's name in the transcription matches their display name.

Join and leave markers
Join and leave markers show when you joined and left your meeting. Join and leave markers are represented by a theicon and they allow you to jump right to the parts of a meeting recording you missed if you joined late or left early.  

When you play a meeting recording, hover over the timeline to view your join and leave markers where you joined or left. These markers are personalized–only you can see when you joined and left. 

Screen share markers
Review someone’s presentation or other shared content with screen share markers. Screen share markers appear on a meeting recording timeline where someone shared their screen during the meeting.  

When you play a meeting recording, hover over the timeline and the screen share icon will appear where people shared their screen during the meeting.  Select the marker to jump right to that part of the recording. 

AI notes

View AI-generated notes and follow-up tasks from your meeting by selecting AI notes. AI notes are available for meetings that lasted longer than five minutes and were transcribed in English.  

View of meeting recap in Teams


  • To use this feature, your meeting must be recorded and transcribed.

  • Due to differences in AI language models, AI notes might be formatted differently, depending on your meeting's transcription language. We are continuing to improve these features.

Speaker Markers

The Speakers view is an AI-powered feature that helps you quickly find specific speakers and their main points in a meeting recording. Select Speakers to see who spoke and when. Select someone’s speaker bar to watch when they spoke during the meeting. 
View of meeting recap in Teams

Note: To use this feature, your meeting must be recorded and transcribed. 

Recaps and transcripts

The Recap and Recording & Transcription tabs use different copies of the meeting transcript: 

  • The Recap tab uses a copy of the original transcript, which is stored in OneDrive.

  • The Recording & Transcription tab uses the original transcript generated during the meeting. It can be deleted in that tab or in the transcription thumbnail in the meeting chat.

To learn more, see View, edit, and manage video transcripts and captions

Topics and chapters

Easily review recordings with the automatic creation of chapters and topics in intelligent recap.

Chapters and topics divide the meeting into sections so it’s easy to jump right to the content or moment you want to review. Chapters and topics identify keywords from the meeting transcript, or content shared with PowerPoint Live, to segment the meeting.

Screenshot showing topics highlighted in meeting recap

Learn more about auto-generated chapters in Teams meeting videos and in PowerPoint Live meeting recordings.


If you use Copilot in Teams, you can access copilot functionality in Recap. To learn more, see Get started with Copilot in Microsoft Teams meetings.

Screenshot showing copilot functionality in Teams meeting recap


What data does Teams use to provide Intelligent recap? 

Teams uses the meeting transcript, attendance data, and PPT Live data to provide AI-powered features in Intelligent Recap. 

Does Teams store any meeting data? 

Teams stores meeting data but Microsoft doesn’t have access to it. How it’s stored depends on meeting policies set by your IT admin. Your meeting data is stored in the geographic region associated with your organization. Meeting recordings are stored in OneDrive and SharePoint, in accordance with the Microsoft Purview policy. Learn more about managing your SharePoint governance here

Do AI-generated notes and AI-generated tasks expire?  

AI-generated notes and AI-generated tasks will expire according to your organization’s policies. For more information, contact your IT admin. 

Who can access my meetings’ Intelligent Recap?  

People in your organization who were invited to the meeting can access its Intelligent Recap. Anyone who wasn’t invited won’t have access, even if they have the recording link or Teams Premium. People outside your organization also won’t have access, even if they were invited.

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