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Gain insight into your meeting attendance with attendance reports. Enable attendance reports to view and download important attendance details during and after your meeting.

Learn who attended your meeting, what time each person joined and left, and more. Your admin needs to turn on this feature to make it available. See Attendance report for meetings and webinars in Microsoft Teams for more info.


  • Reports are stored along with the organizer's other data, like emails and contacts.

  • Reports are permanently deleted if an organizer leaves the organization, and no one else can access them.

  • Organizers can turn attendance reports on or off in meetings they created.


Co-organizers can view and download attendance reports under the following conditions:

  • The meeting was scheduled in Teams, not Outlook.

  • While the meeting is in progress, see During the meeting.

  • After the meeting, from the meeting chat. 

    Note: After the meeting, co-organizers cannot view or download attendance reports from the meeting invite. 

Before the meeting

To turn attendance reports on or off before your meeting:

  1. Go to your Teams Calendar.

  2. Select a meeting.

  3. Select Meeting options....

  4. Turn the Allow attendance report toggle on or off.

  5. Select Save.

Participants can decide whether they want their information shown in attendance reports by going to Settings > Privacy in Teams and turning the Identify me in attendance reports toggle on or off.

Identify me in attendance reports

For more help managing your meeting attendance report settings, contact your IT admin.

During the meeting

  1. If the participants pane isn't open, select People  People or Show Participants button in your meeting controls.

  2. Select More actions  Microsoft Teams more options iconDownload attendance list to download the current attendance info as a CSV file that you can open in Excel.

  3. Look for the file in your device's Downloads folder.

After the meeting

You'll find the attendance report in a few different places.

In the meeting invite

In Teams, go to Calendar  Teams Calendar tab icon, open the meeting, and select the Attendance tab. You can view the data directly in Teams.

Image displaying the meeting invite screen with the "attendance" tab called out at the top.

For recurring meetings, select the report you want to view from the dropdown list.

Image showing the Attendance weekly report window with report drop down menu expanded.


  • In channel meetings, the attendance report is available only for the most recent meeting from the channel, but you can go to the meeting invite page in Teams calendar for all channel meeting attendance reports.

To download the attendance CSV file for the meeting, select Download  Download button.  

Image displaying the meeting invite with "download" button highlighted in the upper right corner.

Note: If you set up breakout rooms in your meetings, the attendance information will be shown in the main meeting's attendance reports.

In the meeting chat

A tile labeled Attendance report will pop into the chat about five minutes after your meeting ends. Select it to download the CSV file.

Attendance CSV card in meeting chat

Note: For recurring meetings, you'll receive a unique attendance report after each occurrence. You will not see the tile in meeting chat for meetings with less than 2 attendees. You can still see these reports by going to the invite "attendance" tab. 

Scheduled channel meetings 

The Attendance tile isn't supported for channel meeting. To view the attendance reports for meetings created in channels, select More actions Microsoft Teams more options icon> View meeting details

view channel meeting details

Then, select the Attendance tab.  

Image showing the "Attendance" tab highlighted in the top navigation menu bar.

Engagement information

Organizers with a Teams Premium license can access the new engagement information, where they can view and download meeting engagement data such as total reactions, raised hands, cameras turned on, and more in the Attendance tab after a scheduled meeting or webinar.

Engagement information available in the Attendance tab of a meeting.

Known issues and limitations

  • In meetings with more than 120 participants, the attendance report that's available during the meeting will only include a partial list of attendees. The post-meeting report will contain the full list.

  • The report doesn't include insights from deleted breakout rooms.

  • The report doesn't currently include view-only attendees.

  • If a channel meeting is in progress and someone starts a second meeting within the same channel conversation, an attendance report will be available only for the second meeting. You can go to the Attendance tab in the Teams calendar invite for all channel meeting attendance reports.

  • If someone waits in the lobby and doesn't get admitted to the meeting, they won't be included in the report.

  • When a participant is on hold in a meeting, their info is still included for this period of time in the attendance report.

  • The report is not supported for Meet Now in channel meeting.

View attendance reports directly in the Microsoft Teams mobile app to gain insight into your meetings and webinars. See webinar registration data, times that attendees joined and left meetings, and much more.

Note: To see all attendance report data, view the report on Teams for desktop or web.

Turn attendance reports on or off before a meeting

To turn attendance reports on or off before your meeting:

  1. Go to your Teams Calendar.

  2. Open a meeting.

  3. Tap Meeting options  Microsoft Teams more options icon.

  4. Turn the Allow attendance report toggle on or off.

  5. Tap Save.

Participants can decide whether they want their information shown in attendance reports by going to Settings and more  Microsoft Teams more options icon  > Settings  Settings buttonPrivacy > in Teams and turning the Identify me in attendance reports toggle on or off.

For more help managing your meeting attendance report settings, contact your IT admin.

Open an attendance report

To open an attendance report:

  1. Open your meeting chat history.

  2. Tap the Meeting ended message.

  3. Tap More > Attendance report.

Share an attendance report

To share an attendance report:

  1. Open an attendance report.

  2. Tap Share  Teams iOS share icon, then choose how you want to share your attendance report.

  3. Tap Send  Send icon.

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