Invite people to a meeting in Teams

Before a meeting

In your Teams calendar, when scheduling or editing a meeting, use the Add required attendees or Add optional attendees box to search for and invite people. Then, you can use the scheduling assistant to see times when everyone is free. For details, see Schedule a meeting.

You can also schedule a Teams meeting and invite people from Outlook. For details, see Schedule a Teams meeting from Outlook.

During a meeting

When you're in a meeting, select Show participants  Add people to team button in your meeting controls to see the people who were invited but haven't joined yet.

To ask someone who was invited to join the meeting, point to their name and select Request to join.

You can also type a person's name or phone number in the search box to add someone who was not previously invited.

Note: Up to 1,000 invitees can join a Teams meeting and interact by using chat, audio, and video. Invitees can also join a meeting that already has 1,000 participants (up to 10,000) as view-only attendees.

Meeting roster

When you're in a meeting, select Show participants Add people to team button to see the people who were invited but haven't joined the meeting yet.

To send someone a reminder to join the meeting, tap their profile picture and choose Call in to the meeting.

You can also tap Add people Add team icon. to add someone who was previously not invited.

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