Pre-orders for Microsoft Store

Applies to: Microsoft Store

You can pre-order some Microsoft Store items that aren’t yet available. To do so, you must have a payment option such as a credit card on file in your Microsoft account, or enough money in the account to cover the purchase.

If you are using money in your Microsoft account, we recommend you keep a credit card on file as a payment backup. If your account falls below the total cost of the pre-order, the payment backup will cover the difference up to 100%. 

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Pre-order price guarantee

The advertised price for pre-order items may increase or decrease before the date the product is released to the public. However, you’ll only be charged the lowest price offered between the time you place your pre-order and the date the product is released to the public.

The pre-order price guarantee only applies to physical pre-order items and prices offered at Microsoft Store. It does not apply to digital items from Microsoft Store, or to items and prices advertised by other sellers, prices inclusive of taxes or shipping charges, or typographical errors.

For pre-order offers based on an estimated price instead of the official price, the pre-order price guarantee only applies to and will be based on the official price for the item when announced.