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Limits on the money in your Microsoft account

Adding or spending money

You can only add money or redeem gift cards to your Microsoft account up to a total of USD1,000* on any given day.

You can only spend up to USD1,000* per day.

Account balance

At any given time, the maximum amount of money you can store in a Microsoft account is USD1,000*.

If you have additional Microsoft accounts registered in your name, or accounts that we have determined you created, the combined limit for all of your Microsoft accounts is USD5,000*.

Note: * Or USD equivalent in your country or region's currency

Local laws might have further restrictions. If you exceed any of these restrictions, you might temporarily be unable to redeem money to your Microsoft account or make purchases using your account balance.


Maximum Amount


AUD 1,000


EUR 150

Note: Your Microsoft account is limited so that in any 30-day period, you can only redeem up to EUR 150 to your Microsoft account and you can only purchase Products with account balance up to EUR 150.

Hong Kong

HKD 8,000


INR 50,000

New Zealand

NZD 5,000


SGD 1,000


CHF 3,000


TWD 10,000

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