Use topics and hashtags in Yammer

Use topics to organize, curate, and connect knowledge across communities in Yammer. Use hashtags to support organic expression and internal campaigns as part of larger conversations in the organization.

Screenshot with callouts showing a hashtag and a topic

  1. Hashtag

  2. Topic

Add a topic

All community members can add a topic to a conversation in a community. Community members who create a new topic will automatically follow that topic.

While starting a new conversation:

  1. Select Add Topics.

  2. Type your topic name in the Add Topics panel.

  3. Select your topic from matching results. If there's no match, you will have the option to create a new topic with description.

  4. Post your conversation starter.

Note: Topics are applied to the entire thread, not individual messages.

Edit topics in a conversation

All community members can add or remove topics from a conversation thread by using the desktop app or the web.

  1. Select the conversation More Options button More community options button and then select Edit Topics.

  2. To add a topic, type your topic name in the Add Topics panel and choose from the matching results.

  3. To remove a topic, point to it with the mouse, and then select the X next to it.

  4. Select OK.

Screenshow showing menu fpr adding Yammer topics

View topic page

Each topic has a corresponding topic page. Selecting a topic opens the Topic page where you can see all conversations that were marked by that topic.

When you visit a topic page, you can see how many people are following a topic and specifically who is following it. Knowledge managers can use this to gauge interest in topics and find potential collaborators.

Screenshot showing topic page in Yammer

See all questions for a topic

1. At the top of the page, select the down arrow in the topic filter. By default, this filter is set to All Conversations

2. Choose All Questions to see all questions for the topic. 

Screenshot showing filtering topics in Yammer

Edit topic name or description

Network admins can edit a topic’s name and description. The name and description are shown on the topic page and made available when adding a topic to a conversation.

  1. On the topic page, select the Edit button.

  2. Update the name or description.

  3. Select Submit.

Screenshot showing editing topics in Yammer

Add a hashtag

All community members can include a hashtag in their messages. This enables their messages to show up more easily in Yammer search. While typing a message:

  • Add the hashtag symbol # before the keyword that you want to mark.

See all conversations that have the same hashtag

Select the hashtag to initiate a search for all messages that include the hashtag. Only messages within the tenant are searched. And within the tenant, you will only see messages that you have the permissions to see.

Screenshot showing hashtag search  results

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