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Viva Engage brings people together across the organization to connect with leaders and coworkers, find answers to questions, share their unique story, and find belonging at work. Viva Engage builds on Yammer, and brings together Yammer’s experiences—communities, open conversations, and personalized discovery—with new capabilities for self-expression and sharing through storyline and stories, and upcoming innovations.

Learn more: What is Yammer?

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With Microsoft Viva Engage you can:

Connect people across the company to strengthen professional relationships and build social capital.

  • Remote work makes it difficult to nurture the social fabric of an organization. 43% of leaders believe relationship-building is the single biggest challenge of remote work.

Build communities that support diversity, shared interests, and business initiatives.

  • Communities connect people based on interests, topics, roles, and experiences, give people a sense of belonging and empower the organization to reach and engage employees at scale.

Spark engagement between leaders and employees to amplify vision and shape culture.

  • Leaders want better ways to reach, inspire and activate people. Employees want clarity of purpose and to participate in the mission. Foster communications, listening and dialogue at scale.

Exchange knowledge, find answers, and crowdsource ideas.

  • When you connect people across working groups and business silos, you harness the power of diverse experiences and perspectives to solve problems, amplify best practices, and accelerate innovation.

Activate people to contribute their experience and expertise.

  • When people are connected, they know where they can contribute. When they’re included, they know their contribution matters. When they’re invested, they want to contribute. Empowered, they can. Activated, they do.

By connecting people to openly share, engage in communities, ideate, problem solve, and contribute across organizational boundaries, Viva Engage empowers people to have a voice, to connect with coworkers and leaders, and to contribute their best.

What’s the relationship between Viva Engage and Yammer?

Viva Engage is a new app, integrated in Teams, that surfaces existing and new employee experiences powered by Yammer services. Viva Engage delivers high-value employee experiences including community building, leadership engagement, knowledge sharing, and self-expression. The Viva Engage app integrates these experiences into Teams and introduces new features including storyline and stories. These new Viva Engage features will also appear in Yammer web, desktop and mobile apps.

Whether you visit to, use one of the popular Yammer mobile apps for iOS or Android, use the Communities app in Outlook, or experience the Viva Engage app in Teams, you will see the same content and generally access effectively the same feature set.

What’s different about Viva Engage in Teams? 

The Viva Engage is built on the foundation of Yammer, but within Teams. It contains all the functionality from Yammer, plus also extends the capabilities of Yammer with new functionality, such as posts and stories in storylines (coming soon).  

The app includes the following Teams functionality: 

  • The ability to pin the app for yourself, or for a subset of your organization.

  • Notifications, such as announcements and @mentions, in your Teams Activity feed.

  • A channel tab that lets you add a community or topic to a Teams channel. For more information, see Add a Yammer page to a Teams channel.

  • An Office connector in a team.

Install the Viva Engage app for Teams 

  1. Open Teams on the web or in a desktop client.

  2. Go to the left side of Teams and select Apps.

  3. Search for Viva Engage.

  4. Select the Viva Engage app, and then select Add. This will add the app to all your Teams clients, including mobile. Or, select Viva Engage to find and add the Viva Engage app.

Note: If you don't see Viva Engage in the available apps, check with your Teams admin. They might have renamed the app. 

Pin the Viva Engage app to the app bar of Teams 

On the web and in a desktop client. 

  1. Select  More  Ellipsis on the left side of Teams.

  2. Right-click any app icon and select Pin  to make that app always visible.

Tip: You can arrange the icons on the left by dragging and dropping them. For more information about pinning and unpinning apps in Teams, see Pin an app for easy access

On the iOS and Android mobile platforms 

  1. Select More Ellipsisat the bottom of Teams—this is where you’ll find all your apps.

  2. Select Reorder and drag and drop the app so it is no longer in the More section.

  3. Select Done to save your changes.

Configuring Viva Engage notifications 

Notifications in the Teams Activity app

With the Viva Engage app, you'll get notifications in your Teams activity for: 

  • @mentions sent to you

  • announcements from communities that you've joined in your home network

  • Yammer communities to which you've been joined

See more: Learn how to configure your Teams notification settings

Note: The senders of the notifications must have a Microsoft 365 identity associated with them in your home network.  

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