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If you’re having trouble buying something from Microsoft Store, here are some steps to try to get things working again.

Check your Microsoft account

These are common reasons that may cause problems when you try to buy something from Microsoft Store. Select the header that best describes your issue, and it’ll open to display more info:

If your payment is declined or you receive a message that there is an issue with the details for your credit card, make sure that your payment option has the correct account or credit card number, CVV number, name, billing address, and expiration date on the Payment options page.

If you need info about how to add, update, or remove a payment options, see Add a payment method to your Microsoft account.

The status of your Microsoft account can affect your ability to make purchases from Microsoft Store. You won't be able to make a purchase if your account has:

If your account region and your Microsoft store location don't match, you'll have a problem making a purchase. You must have a valid billing address and payment option that matches your locale. For more info about how to check and change your region, see Change your country or region in Microsoft Store.

If you've moved and need to update your region info for Xbox, go to Bring Xbox Live with you and follow the directions to change your region.

If you're trying to buy something using your Microsoft Account balance, you may not have enough funds in your account to cover the total cost of the item. For example, if you try to buy a game that's listed as $9.99, and you have an Microsoft account balance of $10, that amount isn't enough to cover the taxes, so you'll need to add more funds pay the final balance.

If you need to add more money, see Add money to your Microsoft account and How to spend all of your Microsoft gift card money.

Note: Money can't be transferred from one Microsoft account to another and can't be converted from one currency to another. For more info, see Limits on the money in your Microsoft account.

Still can't make a purchase from Microsoft Store?

If you're still having problems making a purchase from Microsoft Store, select the following troubleshooting scenario that best fits your issue, and it'll open to display more info.

If you get an authorization failure or decline when you try to make a purchase, contact your bank or card provider to check the following:

  • This may occur because of a service outage on our side. Wait until the service is up and running, and then try you purchase again.

  • Make sure the payment option is activated and authorized for online billing or recurring billing.

  • Make sure that the payment option is approved for online, international, or recurring transactions.

  • Make sure that the card details – number, expiration date, name on card, and address, including city, state, and ZIP code – appear exactly as they do on the card and on your credit card statement. 

    If you need info about how to add, update, or remove a payment options, see Add a payment method to your Microsoft account.

  • If you made several purchases in a short time, wait a day or two.

If you’re having trouble redeeming a Microsoft gift card or pre-paid code, see Redeem a gift card or code to your Microsoft account for more info about why you might be unable to redeem it. If you're having a problem with an Xbox gift card or pre-paid code, go to Troubleshoot redeem gift card and code issues.

Here's some important info about using gift cards and pre-paid codes:

  • If you have a past-due subscription, you'll need to pay for it with something other than a gift card or pre-paid subscription card. Get more info about paying for a past-due Microsoft subscription

  • A gift card or pre-paid code can only be redeemed in the currency printed on the card. For example, a gift card in U.S. dollars can’t be used to buy an app priced in Euros.

  • The gift card or pre-paid code may have additional instructions, and may be subject to additional terms and conditions. For more info, see Microsoft gift card terms and conditions.

This may mean that the content that you are trying to purchase or download is not licensed for the country where you are located. 

Available products and services may vary depending on your region. You can't purchase or download content that is not licensed for your country or region. To complete your purchase, you may be required to have a valid billing and shipping address within the country or region of the Microsoft Store where you are purchasing.

For info about how to check and change your regions, see Change your country or region in Microsoft Store.

Note:  Lebanon Microsoft Store for consumers closed on October 28, 2021. However, customer support is still available through Microsoft Support and Microsoft products are available through our partners in the region.

If you've moved and need to update your region info for Xbox, go to Moving? Bring Xbox Live with you and follow the directions to change your info.

There may be online safety and privacy settings on your account that is blocking you from making certain purchases. You may need to verify your age, have an adult approve the purchase, or change your account safety and privacy settings before you can make any purchase.

For example, if you're trying to purchase something and your account has an age limit for content, you'll need adult approval when you try to purchase anything that is rated above it.  For more info, see one of the following:

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