Trouble pushing an app or game to a device

Applies to: Microsoft Store

Your device isn't compatible

Here are solutions for common problems when you install an app or game from one device to another.

  • If you see a message about compatibility, check that the app or game you're trying to install is compatible with the device. For example, trying to install a mobile app on a PC might lead to a message that your device isn't compatible.
  • If you don't see a message about compatibility, the you might need to update your PC.

Your device isn't on the installation list

You are allowed a maximum of 10 devices. Once that max is reached, you can no longer add new devices.

  • Check your device limit by signing in to, then select Manage device limits. If you have 10 devices on the list, you'll need to remove one in order to add another.
    If you've reached your device limit, remove one or several to make room for more.
  • From your device, make sure you’re signed in to your Microsoft account. Get more info about signing in to a Microsoft account.
  • Check that the app or game you're trying to install is compatible with the device. An Xbox-only game, for example, won’t show you a list of your PCs.
  • If you haven't reached your maximum capacity of 10 devices, you still have room for more. When you sign in to Microsoft Store on Windows 10 or Xbox One and buy or download something, it will be added to your device list. 
  • If your device is connected to your work or school network, make sure to sign in with your Microsoft account so that the item will be added to your device list.

You can't find an app or game after you install it on a device

  • If you install it on Xbox One
    • Make sure your Xbox One has enough space, has automatic updates enabled, and is set to on or instant-on.
    • Select the Xbox  button on your controller to open the Guide, then select System  > Settings  > System > Updates  > under Games & apps, make sure the checkbox for Keep my games & apps up to date is checked.
    • You can find the games & apps you’ve installed in My games & apps on your Home screen.
  • If you install it on a PC
    • Make sure your PC is on. You can find your apps and games in Microsoft Store , select the three dots  next to your account picture, then select My Library. Get more info about finding your downloaded apps and games.

Your device needs an update